fusion, for fusional lovE

When we came up with the idea of a new sex toy, we wanted it to be special and unique. Usually sex toys are designed for ones pleasure. After reviewing and testing regular strap-on harness dildos we concluded that one part was missing. Only one person was having pleasure while the other one was working hard with no return.

We started designing a new and unique sex toy base that will
enhance the wearers pleasure.


As a promess the fusion will change the futurE of strap-on harness dildoS enabeling
simultaneous pleasure.



The base is shaped trapezoidal to stay in the harness and stick to the wearer's body.
This gives great precision and response to the wearers hip movements.

All the parts of fusion were designed with soft curves giving a very soft design and approach to the product.

The angle was modified to facilitate the sex toy introduction.


fusion sex toy

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

From an idea to reality


New products always come from a lack in a market. Building a sex toy brand focused on lesbian love was and is our challenge.
As lesbian owners and products testers, we always want the perfect product that will give new pleasure sensations or make easier some love position.

Drawing, designing, improving, testing, protOTyping, manufacturing, producing, shippiNG,
this is our work.




Sex toy number Two



Wet For Her manufactures its own products. From the idea to the final product, we follow every step to release the perfect product. From choosing the right curve to the softness of the silicone, every details is covered to deliver high quality products.

We use the best silicone call Medical grade. It doesn't contain any phthalate and other exotic materials.