fusion, for fusional lovE

When we came up with the idea of a new sex toy, we wanted it to be special and unique. Usually sex toys are designed for ones pleasure. After reviewing and testing regular strap-on harness dildos we concluded that one part was missing. Only one person was having pleasure while the other one was working hard with no return.

We started designing a new and unique sex toy base that will
enhance the wearers pleasure.


As a promess the fusion will change the futurE of strap-on harness dildoS enabeling
simultaneous pleasure.



The base is shaped trapezoidal to stay in the harness and stick to the wearer's body.
This gives great precision and response to the wearers hip movements.

All the parts of fusion were designed with soft curves giving a very soft design and approach to the product.

The angle was modified to facilitate the sex toy introduction.


fusion sex toy





Double sex toys are an ingenious designed and create for the lesbian couple an intimate sex toy that do not need harnesses . By inserting the 'bulb' side inside the wearer, the double sex toy become an extension of your body. Unfortunately, too many double sex toys are designed by men and are sold without understanding the female anatomy. 

We decided to redrew this inescapable lesbian bestseller product by providing unique features allowing lesbians couples to use a double dildo fulfilling all its promises. 


Union double dildo

Created and designed by women for women


An important part in a double sex toy is the length. Too short it hardly reach your partner and it will get out most of the time and a break will need to be taken to put it back. The Union insertable length is 5.90". Keep in mind that the length is shorten if you and your partner have a little overweight. We choosed to offer you too much than not enough.



Silicone is heavy and a double dildos contains a lot of it as 99% of the products is made with silicone. Heavy means that the pc muscles will have to support around 1 kilo of silicone. To help the support, we have insert a coper wire on both side of the silicone so the union won't fall and remain it place as you like it to be with the shape memory. This enables you to choose the angle you want to give it to achieve a larger number of positions. 

A 5 speed bullet rechargeable via USB port has been added to make it vibrating

A 5 speed bullet rechargeable via USB port has been added to make it vibrating

The Union Double dildo comes in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large and in three colors, Black, Purple and Pink.

The Union Double dildo comes in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large and in three colors, Black, Purple and Pink.



Wet For Her manufactures its own products. From the idea to the final product, we follow every step to release the perfect product. From choosing the right curve to the softness of the silicone, every details is covered to deliver high quality products.

We use the best silicone call Medical grade. It doesn't contain any phthalate and other exotic materials.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

From an idea to reality


New products always come from a lack in a market. Building a sex toy brand focused on lesbian love was and is our challenge.
As lesbian owners and products testers, we always want the perfect product that will give new pleasure sensations or make easier some love position.

Drawing, designing, improving, testing, protOTyping, manufacturing, producing, shippiNG,
this is our work.




Sex toy number Two


If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go fare, go together
— African quote

We found out that we were not alone in the male dominated sex toy industry and other lesbian Entrepreneur were manufacuring great products. As a lesbian sex toy manufacturer, Wet For Her teamed up with them to offer a full range of 'lesbian craft' products to our customers.



Launch in 2005, by Tres, SpareParts harness were the first harness with an elastic O'Ring allowing any sex toy size but mainly to strap your harness with a sex toy in less than "3 seconds. In 2012 Tres created the first brief harnesses called Tomboi, Sasha and Bella. Like underwear you can wear them night and day.

Buy creating Nylon/Spanex harness, Tres also bring to the market washable harnesses.

Every year products are improved to always provide the best quality.

SpareParts harness are hand made in the US and over all they are the best harness that you could find

BS is Nice

BsIsNice are hand made dildos manufacture by lesbians in Madrid Spain.

Design, colorfull and unique, we love those dildos for bringing fun and art into bed.

Dildos are hand made one buy one using the best silicone materials. Each layers is poor one at a time and it can takes up to 3 weeks to manufacture one dildo.
When you buy a BsIsNice is like buying your own and unique piece.

Raquel, owner and designer, started her company in 20012 and is now selling all over the world.


Jennifer launch RodeoH in 2011, sytlish and confortable brief harness.

They look like American Apparel underwear with an extra : you can use it with a sex toy. Also equipped with an elastic O'Ring, hidden buy the button fly, you will be ready in a sec for your girl.

Washabe also they are great to begin with strap on harness.

Based int San Franciso RodeoH is bringing to the lesbian community affordable, stylish and fun brief harness.